Grade 9 Subject Choice Information

Learner Resources

Update 23 October 2020:

Please access your updated work plans and resources below.

Emails & Google Classroom:

  • Teachers are emailing work out to learners on a regular basis using the learners’ email address.

  • You access this email by logging into online using your username and password

  • You must use a browser such as Chrome and log in to your school google account using your email and password. You will now be able to access your email plus any google classrooms you need to. 

  •  Link your school email to the email APP on your phone to make it easy to access your emails if you are working primarily with a smartphone.

  • You can also download the Google Classrom APP onto your phone and log in using your email and password.


Many teachers have also formed WhatsApp groups with their learners. Learners are encouraged to use these groups for asking relevant questions regarding the work and communicating with their subject teachers about problems they have accessing, completing or submitting the work.

Plans per Grade

Other Useful Links

Apps per subject:

This link provides Apps for all Subjects from Grade 8 to 12:

Sites to keep an eye on:

Free Departmental Resources:

DBE: GET & FET Resources: 

Examination Papers:  


Other Free Resources: 

Audio Books streamed by Amazon to any device: 

Via Afrika is offering FREE digital study guides for Grades 10, 11 and 12 to enable learning to continue in these challenging times.  WhatsApp grade and required subject to 060 970 3793. Valuable resources for learners Grades R-12. Received from DBE LTSM. 

Where to find online resources

Radio station: uMhlobo Wenene (Between 20h00 and 21h00) daily


Individual subject Apps from play Store

Easy access to Vodacom eschool zero rated learning portal :

*111*501#  Ok – cell number 




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