Boarding Facilities

Our weekly and termly boarding houses are run with the help of dedicated VG hostel staff and stooges from Rhodes University – many of whom are old VG girls.


Hostel Administrator: Ms Lois Marechal –

Eleanor Brown House

EB is home to the Grade 8 and 10 boarders and is linked to Renfrew House, where the Grade 9s stay, via a short passage.  The hostel has undergone renovations over the last few years, with major upgrades in progress this year.  Girls at EB are part of a family headed by Mrs Michaels and the stooges from Rhodes University.

Barnard House

The senior hostel, named after Mr and Mrs Barnard (Mr Barnard was the principal of VG from 1997 to 2006 and Mrs Barnard spent many years running the hostels),  which houses Grade 11s and 12s, is the perfect place for mature, dedicated young people. With the help of the kind and hard working staff this hostel has become a place of more than learning; and has been to many girls a place to grow – under the guidance and supervision of Mrs Dampies, Ms Jamela and the stooges from Rhodes University.

Renfrew House

Renfrew is a smaller house that reinforces the idea of a home-away-from-home atmosphere. RH houses approximately 22 Grade 9 boarders and is run with the help of three staff members and stooges from Rhodes University.

Denise Long House

Denise Long houses 7 weekly boarders in a home-away-from-home environment.  Girls arrive on a Sunday evening and leave each weekend on Friday after school.  This is the perfect hostel for girls whose families live just outside of town and do not wish to travel each day.  The girls are taken care of by Ms Marachel.

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