Important Information

Dear VG Community
Please note that as of this morning we now have six cases of confirmed Covid at VGHS (Gr11x2, Gr10x2, Gr9X2 – one new learner tested positive in the hostel this morning), much of this due to a big party last weekend and learners not consistently wearing masks, social distancing and sanitizing regularly.
Also, it must be noted that due to the POPI Act we cannot share with learners or parents/guardians the names of these learners. As long as your daughter/ward has maintained social distancing, mask-wearing and sanitizing while with a positive learner then she should not be in harm’s way.
The plan for moving forward in terms of hostels is as follows:
Barnard House (Grade 11 and 12) and Denise Long House (weekly boarders) will remain as is.
Eleanor Brown House will be contacting parents regarding making arrangements for Grade 8 to 10 boarders.
Because of leave out on 26th, I am strongly suggesting that all Grade 8 to 10 parents arrange travel arrangements to get their children home. Those in close contact with the infected boarder are in isolation and cannot be put on a bus and must be fetched (if logistics preclude this, then we need to strictly isolate the few remaining girls at EB for this time).
The boarders will move to remote learning for the next two weeks and return to hostel and classes on 30th August.
For the rest of the school:
Day girls in Grade 8 – 10 will return to class on 23rd August (provided we do not extend the time by another week, due to possible further cases, but this will be communicated to all if the need arises).
Grade 11 and 12 will return to class per normal from Monday (16th Aug).
Teachers will provide work to all learners for this time via remote learning (all of next week for all Gr 8 – 10, as well as the following week for Gr 8 – 10 boarders. Weekly boarders are being treated as day girls over this time).
All Grade 8 to 10 learners will hear from their teachers at the start of the next week. All Gr 8 and 9 learners were told to take all textbooks home with them, but Gr10s did not receive that instruction, so we will look to make plans for them to come into school on Monday to retrieve their textbooks. This plan will be communicated on Monday morning.
We will continue to monitor the situation at school and in hostels to determine whether any further changes will be required. While we understand that this situation is far from ideal, I would urge all learners and their families to limit contact with others as much as possible, and to continue to observe the strict Covid protocols needed to limit the impact of this virus.
We appreciate the support of all members of the VG community at this time.
Kind regards
Mr Warren Schmidt

NEWSLETTER 2 July 2021

Important Information
26 May 2021

Dear learners and parents/guardians

Please note that the VG management team are making the call not to have staff or learners at school tomorrow (27/05/21).  We have not received an instruction to open from the district director at this time, and no positive outcomes have been communicated regarding negotiations between politicians and the public.  

We feel it is important that such a decision not be left to the last minute.  All learners will have work to do at home for tomorrow and remote learning must still happen.  

Hopefully by tomorrow we will have a clearer picture of where this is going and we will be able to make a more informed decision about Friday.

Kind regards

Mr Schmidt



Dear VG Community

Sadly with the global pandemic not seeming to slow down, we have come to the decision to postpone Founders’ Weekend (which was meant to happen from 5 – 6 March 2021) to August 2021.  This will be in collaboration with Graeme College.  We will communicate further details closer to the time.

We understand that this news may be rather disappointing, as we were all looking forward to the celebrations that come with Founders’ Weekend.  Our primary concern is the health and safety of everyone.

May we all continue to stay safe, wear our masks and wash our hands.





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