A Centre of Excellence for Young Women of Africa


Victoria Girls’ High School is a Proudly South African girls only senior school of about 425 learners, situated in Makhanda / Grahamstown, South Africa.

The school caters to learners from Grades 8 to 12 and offers a holistic educational approach through a variety of academic subjects, sports, cultural and co-curricular activities.

In our day to day school life, through teaching and learning, we continually strive to embody our three core values: Passion, Integrity and Excellence. 

Message from the Principal



Mr Warren Schmidt

Victoria Girls’ High School remains at the forefront of innovative teaching.  For over 120 years we have not only continuously adapted to the changing environment, we have done so as leaders: pro-actively embracing challenges.  

We thrive on challenges, the greatest of which is the holistic development of our girls.  Our focus will never be on academic development solely, or on sport or cultural activities.  It cannot be if we want to help each girl on the road to self-discovery and self-actualisation.  

Thank you for taking the time to access our website.  May you enjoy it as much as we enjoy being at Victoria Girls’ High School.


At Victoria Girls’ High School, we support and respect one another in a safe and happy environment.  Our broad spectrum of activities and facilities enriches all, as we strive for excellence.


  • We provide a broad spectrum of activities and facilities.
  • We encourage a balanced life-style without compromising academic standards.
  • We encourage responsibility towards the community and the environment.
  • We encourage our learners to develop, to their full potential, confidence, critical thinking skills and self-discipline.
  • We encourage independent and creative thinking.
  • We encourage social interaction with people from different backgrounds.
  • We acknowledge effort as well as achievement.
  • We value the unique qualities and talents of each learner and staff member.
  • We provide opportunities for:  taking initiative; building confidence and self-esteem; functioning individually and as part of a group.
  • We promote helpfulness, honesty, loyalty, diligence, courtesy, commitment, consideration and respect for all.
  • We encourage learners to set goals and work towards those goals.
  • We acknowledge the uniqueness, individuality and specific needs of each learner, educator, general staff member and parent.


Application forms for 2023 will be available from March 2022

A reminder of our contact details:


Email: office@vghs.co.za ~ Phone: 046 636 1550 


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